Electronic Components

This section focuses on the electronic components selected for this project which includes a microcontroller, gyroscope, accelerometer, and electronic speed controllers.

The first component to be considered is the microcontroller. Due to the massive amount of resources available for quadrotor helicopters at aeroquad.com, the most economic and versatile option for a microcontroller is the Arduino Uno. Aeroquad.com sells their AeroQuad Shield v1.9 which allows for the easy connection of an ITG 3200 triple axis gyro and the BMA 180 triple axis accelerometer breakout boards to the Arduino. This shield also comes with the Arduino code for flight and a configuration program for tuning the PID gains of the flight dynamics control system.

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) control the pulses that drive brushless DC motors. There are far less ESCs to choose from when compared to the vast selections of propellers and motors. Also, the choice of ESCs depends on reputation, what amperage is needed by the motors, and what programming features are desired. For this project a Mystery 12A Brushless Speed Controller (Blue Series) was selected for its great customer reviews, programming capabilities, and special features like safety thermal over-load protection and power-arming protection.

Now that all of the main components of the aircraft have been selected, an in-depth analysis of the frame can be performed.


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